Glory Life School

For supernatural world changers.

Shaping a whole century with the Glory of God.

Live in and out of the Glory – activated in the supernatural – founded in the Word of God.

Glory Life School in English!

God is doing something new in our time. More and more, the knowledge of the Lord ́s Glory is beginning to spark in the heart ́s of God ́s sons and daughters, and from there it will spread around the whole world (Hab 2:14). Increasingly more Christians aren ́t satisfied with the „normal“ life on the natural level, rather are reaching out for a new dimension of the Glory-Life that was ultimately paid for by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Signs and wonders as at the time of Jesus here on this earth: supernatural healing, deliverance and heart transformation are being manifested more and more through everyone that grasps a hold of this higher dimension for themselves. We are living in the most exciting time of the entire human history! In this time God wants his children to be supernaturally taught, equipped, and activated- glorious and effective representatives of Jesus Christ: as he is, so are we in this world (1. Joh 4:17). Through a word from God to our founder Pastor Georg Karl, this specific school was commissioned, in fact with the following three focal points:


To build an awareness in the sons and daughters of God, what it means to live in Christ in and out of the Glory realm of the Father.


To inspire the sons and daughters of God for a supernatural lifestyle and to personally activate them.


To lay a solid foundation for this „Glory-Life“, anchored in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, which is the „Full Gospel“, as well as in personal discipleship.

Now is the time to impact a whole century (if Jesus does ́t return beforehand) with the Glory and supernatural power of God through his revealed sons and daughters.

Seeing the sons and daughters of God come forth in Glory- this is the most important concern of all the teachers of the Glory Life School. Get ready for a truly changing time!


Registration fee: Single € 40 – Married couple / Family € 60

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Notice: The school fee includes the entire subscription of all Glory Life Center teachings.

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To register go to . The registration fee is €40 per person or €60 per married couple and families. By registering you agree with our terms and conditions, our beliefs (see also: and our copyrights. The Glory Life Basics course is the foundation and is a prerequisite for the school. These teachings are available after registration and during the whole course. There are no further requirements. The right to decline a student is reserved for the school leaders.



You can unregister by email, 4 weeks before the end of a month.



The duration of the Glory Life School is not limited. However, the basic teachings will be taught within approx. 2 years so you can receive a diploma after 2 years that certifies your participation. You can do the Glory Life School „online“ or be there „live“ (German only). The live sessions take place once a week (Thursdays) and include 2 sessions. The sessions will be available online „on demand“ for all students for at least 2 months and no later than 4 days afterward. „Live“- Students (German only) have a mandatory attendance of 2/3 of the evenings. If you can’t be accomplished, you will automatically be transferred as an „online“- student. Online students can always attend the live sessions. During the school breaks in Baden-Württemberg we will occasionally have breaks as well, however a maximum 7 weeks per year. Every live- and online student will be given a mentor from the teaching team, as a contact person for questions regarding the teaching material.


School fees

The monthly school fee is calculated for single persons or couples/families. Every participant must be signed up for the Glory Life School. The school fee will be transferred from the students account/ credit card on the 15th of each month.


Copyright and neighboring rights

All rights reserved. It is prohibited to lend the teaching material. No unauthorized duplication, rental, presentation, broadcasting of the teaching material.